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Product Releases Add Greater Credibility At Lower Cost!

You have the Newest, Greatest, Everybody Must Have it …    … Motion Control Widget!

Problem:   No one knows you have “The World’s Best”Motion Control Widget!, and you spent most of your resources developing this great widget.

The best solution for small companies is also the least expensive …    … Product Releases or as they are also known as, Editorials!

Product Releases when they are published (and this is the key, “when they are published”) have an implied endorsement from the Editorial Staff of the magazine. Product Releases therefore have instant credibility.

One respected business-to-business publication states, “Only 1 Out Of 7 Is Accepted!”. For information on Product Releases that are “Accepted!”  So then an innovative product and a well written Product Release go a very long way in making sure your product is the “1 out of 7” that’s selected.

As you can see from the samples Product Releases (below) I have written and submitted, my releases “ARE” accepted!  Additionally, the releases and follow up I did on behalf of my client companies has resulted in additional coverage and awards for the companies.

motion control marketing product releases

This is an example of a product release I wrote and submitted on behalf of Netzer Precision Motion Sensors, Ltd. of Israel.  After receiving the release an Editor extended an invitation to submit the product for an award.  On behalf on Netzer I created a package including a CD and I more completely described the technology and the submitted it to the panel of independent Judges.  Netzer’s Rotary Electric encoder was judged best in the “Power Transmission, Motion Control” category.  The result was several feature articles, and an award presented to Yishay Netzer the engineer who created the encoder at the National Design Engineering Show by Design News magazine in Chicago, IL.  Additionally, Mr. Netzer received an “Editors’ Choice Award” from Control Engineering Magazine.  Please review the attached PDF for the story.


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