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A  study by Chaners Publishing showed that in order for sales to occur two events MUST take place before an order is placed.

1 – There must be an awareness of the product

2 – There must be a preference for the product.

When a company, who was the sole manufacturer of a product for many years, begins losing preference for, share to competitors, something must change. If it is not a quality or price issue then it must be a marketing issue!

Even an aggressive marketing budget of 5 million dollars was not slowing the decline in preference for the companies products.  At that time the marketing program was in the hands of a New York “Madison Avenue” Advertising Company whose primary client base was consumer products.  Their B-2-B experience was limited and Motion Control experience by my observation, non-existent!

When I began my tenure as Marketing Communications Manager I was told because of slumping sales the budget was being cut to 3 million.  What to do?

Step 1 – Fire the Madison Avenue agency and bring in-house the Marketing Program including Ad placement.

Step 2 – High a high quality buotique agency that had solid B-2-B credentials to execute the development of printed materials.

Step 3 – Select a high quality, competitively priced printer.

Step – 1 above was the most critical.  Bringing in-house the advertising program allowed my to make better use of frequency discounts and create a program that was designed to create an awareness and preference for the companies products.

Were my programs successful?  I will let you be the judge. Below are two Benchmark Studies conducted by IEN Magazine.

Benchmark study number 1

In this study note the following categories and the increase in percentages over the 3 years of my tenure. While competitors’ precentages remained the same Thomson showed improvement in every category! Especially so in the: “Would Consider”, “Price” (in spite of  three consecutive price increases), and “Quality/Reliability” categories!

For the actual study open this PDF

Benchmark study number 2

This study shows that the program was effective in creating a preference for Thomson’s products among:”Plant Management Engineering/Design/Administration”, “Product/Processing/Manufacturing Management & Engineering Management”, and “Design/Engineering/Management & R&D”

For the actual study open this PDF

As Thomson was a company that sold through distributors, creating leads for the distributors was critical.

How did I do in that department?  Year 1989 There were about 45,000 leads in 1991 there were 88,000 leads!

Marketing programs do not have to cost 1 million dollars.

Since starting my own Motion Control B-to-B marketing business I have focused on serving smaller companies, who recognize the need to create and awareness for and a preference for their products, and yet are too small to warrant hiring a marketing manager, and recognize the book keeper or receptionist is not a marketer.

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