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Whether print or digital, Brochures, Data Sheets, and Catalogs are important sales tools!

You have the Newest, Greatest, Everybody Must Have it …    … Motion Control Widget!

Problem:   People have seen you Product Release, they now know you have, “The World’s Best “Motion Control Widget!” However, they have some questions, E.g. what is the spacing of the mounting holes? What is the efficiency of the gearhead? Etc.  Specifications, and features that are best answered with engineering drawings, and in a more extensive brochure, data sheet, or catalog.

In many ways the internet has leveled the playing field.  Smaller companies can have first rate brochures, data sheets or catalogs.  The greatest costs are associated with printing and distribution.  These costs are gone!

If a company makes, “The World’s Best “Motion Control Widget!”  they owe it to themselves to not only tell people about it (see Motion Control Marketing …     … Product Releases That Get Published) but they need to answer the questions that prospects must have answered before they will make a purchase.  The answer to many of the basic questions, can be answered in the brochure, data sheet or catalog. These can be easily made available on the company website.

Here are samples brochures, data sheets and catalogs I have created for companies.  Many have been available in print and online for many years.   (Please review the samples below)



motion control marketing- short form catalog

This is an example of a short form catalog I created.  The company I was working for at the time had a very extensive product line of motion control components.  In answer to every request for information a 5 inch thick binder filled with every printed data sheet was sent to every prospect.  Even if the prospect had inquired about a simple 1/4 inch linear ball bearing!  The shipping costs alone, not to mention the printing costs, were out of control.

The thinking was, the prospect needed to know all the products we manufactured, even if the only information requested was on a 1/4 linear ball bearing. In all likelihood the prospect had no need for nor any interest in a data sheet for the ball screw in a Boeing 777 (which was in the binder) or an actuator for an 8 foot satellite dish.

Do the math … Send out a binder that cost almost $100 in printing, postage, and man hours to assemble … … or send out a short form catalog that represented all the product groups that cost under $1.50 to print and ship to every lead.  In 1991 through the marketing program I administered over 88,000 leads were generated.  That very substantial cost went directly to the bottom line.

This short form catalog was printed in: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.  To save additional costs at my direction the catalog was printed in mass without the text and stored at the printer.  As a foreign language version was needed a supply was printed with the appropriate text on a less costly press.

The benefits of this short catalog were many, to name just a few: Lower cost (printing, shipping, labor), and the prospect got the information requested, and in almost every case, in just a few days as they were shipped 1st class the next day instead of several days to several weeks later when the binders were finally assembled and shipped with a lower class of postage!

To see the full Short Form Catalog please open the PDF.

Thomson-Short Form-Catalog.pdf

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